Lisa Carlson's Radiant Health Therapies LLC

Conditions Treated




Conditions Therapeutic Bodywork may help with:


Potential signs of stress such as: headaches, muscle tension, insomnia, oversleeping, behavior changes, fatigue, overeating           

In general you may be experiencing a 'hiccup' in your schedule or habits. Massage therapy can help your whole body and mind relax, refocus.

Promote deep relaxation

Promote release of endorphins

Decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression

Relieve insomnia

Fatigue and concentration difficulties

Mind/Body connection

Alleviate back and neck pain

Repetitive work injury

Athletic injuries

Relieve headaches work/school

Back pack muscle strain for kids

Lyme, detoxing






Computer overuse

Frozen shoulder

Athletic injuries

Post surgical pain, reduce swelling and adhesions

Reduce scar tissue and stretch marks


Compassionate Touch

Sacred space holding

for the frail, illness

dementia and Hospice

Geriatric/Elder massage

Comfort those with cancer

Promote a sense of well-being

Effective modality added to wellness programs or care plans