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Returning to school? Protect your child's back.

  1.    We all know that text books are heavy. According to the National Safety Council (Anand, Neel. 2018, Sept 7), backpacks can feel like they weigh similar to forty pounds and may negatively effect your child's growing body. For a list of ways to properly choose a backpack please visit the NSC listed below. As the school year progresses, kids in all grades may experience neck and upper body tension, muscle aches, and headaches. Massage therapy can help (AMTA. 2011, Oct.). Backpacks can pull on the shoulders and back muscles creating abnormal postural tension. Over time, this tension can become chronic, especially when adding computer use, hard chairs, and sports to kids daily routines. Let's keep our kids healthy and happy!!! Family packages are available. Give your child a gift of health with therapeutic massage.

by Lisa Carlson 9/1/2019


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